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Three Catalan teams will close the U16 M category

Horta, Samà i Nou Esplugues
Photo: UE Horta, Samà Vilanova and CB Nou Esplugues

Three teams will play for its first time to the Costa Brava Girona Basket to close the lists of the U16 male, the third masculine category after the confirmed U14 and U12. The first of the three teams, all regional teams, comes from one of the neighbourhoods of Barcelona where the basketball is more rooted. We’re talking about the UE Horta, a club that traces back his origens by the year 1955, when a group of athletes forged the roots of what today is known as the UE Horta, with 21 competition teams. The second team that adds to the U16 discipline of the tournament is Samà Vilanova, a club that, knowing that is quite young (was founded as an entity on 1998), it counts with the same number of teams than te previous team, 21. Endowed of a powerful feminine base, there will only travel to Girona the U16 M players. Last but not less important, an even more young team than Horta and the Samà Vilanova: CB Nou Esplugues, founded in 2008 with the aim to give continuity in all but name of this sport to Esplugues, how already had done in the previous years. In fact, the CB Nou Esplugues also arrives at the twentieth teams and, besides, it counts with an own tournament. The three Catalan groups, then, will play to the CBGB for the first time, and expect that it is not the last!