Diputació de Girona i Patronat de Turisme

Official: confirmed all the 78 teams of the tournament

Less than a week for the beggining of the tournament, and it is confirmed the presence of all the teams. About the feminine categories, looking to the U16, it has been added the participation of the Sant Ignasi de Barcelona; Nou Basket Femení Castelló, that only counts with feminine teams as its former teams, converting the club as the biggest of his region regarding this aspect; the Alierta Augusto of Zaragoza and Ceset. The U14 also will have the presence of the Nou Basket Castelló and the last team that was missing to confirm was the CE Girona. For last, and closing the category of U12, apart from the category of the oldest girls of the tournament, Ceset also will have a team in the category of the youngest; the CB Banyoles; Gifreu LlançàUnió Girona; and Bescanó will be the teams that will be added to the already confirmed teams. On the other hand, the masculine teams have not suffered any modification. To sum up with: 78 teams that will begin their activity to the tournament in 13th of April!

Photo: GEiEG, last year