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Manyanet Molins and AE Minguella complete the U12 M

Minguella i Pare Manyanet completen U12M
Photos: Trobada d’escoles Olesa i Presentació 16/17 Minguella

The Costa Brava and Girona Basketball is soon coming, and for this reason in the coming days the final list of groups and calendars of the various categories of the tournament will be published. The first category about getting closed its participation in U12 male. This category is reaching for the first time 12 teams on the group stage. In fact, as it has been done in the U14 and U16 M categories in previous years, the Mini competition this year will reach 12 sets which will be divided into three groups, with the recent addition of Manyanet Molins and AE Minguella. In addition, both teams have already left their mark in previous years. In fact, Manyanet Molins has participated last year, not in the U12, but in other categories. And in the other hand the AE Minguella has had the presence in the CBGB since its first edition and will be the third consecutive year to represent its organization in male Mini category.