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Sant Lluís de Menorca, Ceset and CB Molina, last teams of the U14 M

CB Molina
Photo: CB Molina, it will be the first time in the competition |

Three teams were missing to confirm his assistance to the U14 male category of the Costa Brava Girona Basket ’17. The teams are the Saint Lluís of MenorcaCESET and CB Molina of Murcia, that allow to close the lists of the U14 M category. On his own, CESET is one of the teams that every year has taken part to the U14 M and this year will play “home” back again. Saint Lluís of Menorca, has to is a present group that also has played in the previous editions of the tournament. In fact, the 2015 and the 2016 has brought to 4 teams every year, converting like this with one of the teams with greater representation in the tournament. The one who closes the U14 M lists another Murcian team, apart from UCAM. It’s CB Molina, that will contest the CBGB for its first time.