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CCE Sant Lluís returns with almost all the artillery

Female representation of Sant Lluís last year.



If we review the history of most of the teams that took part on the Costa Brava Girona Basket, there are only few who have had such presence as the CCE Sant Lluís de Menorca. This year there will be only one category that will not be represented by this Balearic team, and it is the female U16, but the rest – male U12, U14 and U16; female U12 and U14 – will have representation of Sant Lluís.

A team, which, since 2015, the second edition of the tournament, have had a team at least in three different categories. About results, the best role that Sant Lluís achieved was precisely in one of the five categories in which the female U16 was present, occupying the second place. This year, as we said above, it will be the only category where Sant Lluís will not play. We must watch out to see what the other teams are capable to achieve.