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Canarian spark for the female U16 and U14

U16 female Granca team. Photo: Web club


They have different names but they share the same shield. CB Gran Canaria integrates into its ranks different teams with the name ‘Pintadera’ or ‘Claret’ depending on its category. Its origin is as it follows:

First of all, the club was born in 1963 at Claret College, and for many years it have been played with the name of this entity. After the good successes achieved in different categories, it was decided to federate the club. And, for this reason, many of their base teams have this “last name” in the end.

On the other hand, the GranCa, as it is popularly known, took a giant leap this summer to expand into the female training basquet. For this reason they decided to sign Rosi Sánchez, a former professional player, who will take the management of the female basketball section. In addition, the CB Pintadera was annexed to the club and that is why some feminine categories retain this pseudonym.

This year we will have the opportunity, not to see any team from the masculine Gran Canaria, as in previous editions, but it we are lucky to have three female teams, for the first time at Costa Brava Girona Basket, specifically two U16 teams and one for U14.