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Veni, vidi, vici: Sabonio Centras

U12 winners last year.


Not all teams that land at the Costa Brava Girona Basket win those editions that they participate in. Only a few have achieved it, and one of these teams is Sabonio Centras. The Lithuanian club founded by the legendary player Arvydas Sabonis will debut in the U16 category for the first time, but in the previous two editions, it has already had a presence in the tournament.

Specifically, the first time we were able to enjoy the famous threepointers, it was in 2016, where Sabonio was proclaimed champion of the male U14 category. On the other hand, last year, the male U12 also reached the top of the podium.

The U16 male team now has the bar too high, in addition, in a category where this year promises level.