Diputació de Girona i Patronat de Turisme


After the end of the morning of this Good Friday, the final standings of the mens U16 groups, have presented two semifinals with international participants, who have shown a very high level of competition and who are expected to offer us two matches of great quality. Both games will be played at the same time (18. 45). In one, the Dutch Apollo will face off against the Lithuanian Zalguiris and in the other against the German Rasta Vechta against the German Cibex Talents.

5th to 8th position

Sa Real Time Travel in Fontajau 18. 45

Martinenc St. Louis in Room 18. 45

9th to 12th positions

Valladolid Alierta 2 in San Gregorio 17. 00

Santfeliuenc Alert 1 at Quart 17. 00

13th to 16th positions

Nuremberg Fontajau in Fontajau 17. 00

La Laguna Sa Real 2 in Montfalgars 17. 00