Diputació de Girona i Patronat de Turisme


This tournament is governed by the application of the

Official Game Rules

published by the Spanish Basketball Federation, with variants and clarifications set out in the Specific Rules, developed by the Organization for this competition, which are listed below:


Each participating team will be composed of a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 15, that you can align each game. Before games starts, teams must have to present the roster to the scorer’s table to be inscribed on the score sheet.


Games will be played in 4 periods of 10 continuous minutes, except for the last minute of the second period and the last two minutes of the game, because the clock will be stopped when the referee blows the whistle. The timer will stop if a player is injured on the court and during a timeout. There will be 1 minute between periods. In case of overtime, there will be 1 minute rest period between the 8th and the extra period. In case of a tie, overtime will be played until one of the teams score. (Golden Basket).
In U16M games, all matches will be played with clock stopped as FIBA rules.
In U14M and U12M games, the finals will be played with clock stopped, according to the usual rules of competition.
In U16F, U14F and U12F games, semifinals and the final matches will be played with clock stopped.


Each team has a timeout in the first half and two timeouts in the second half. Timeout is conceded following the rules of FIBA rules.


Lineups and substitutions. All registered players on the score sheet can be aligned freely without changes or minimum limit of periods played. Substitutions must always make after the referee blows the whistle.


Every time during the game that a “struggle” for the ball occurs or at the beggining of each period, the team which the alternating possession’s arrow points to is going to own the ball.


Three-pointer rule. In Minibasquet a three-pointer will be valid when it starts and finishes the throw from outside the three seconds area. Kids 3-point basket will be valid when the release is initiated from beyond the line of 6,25m.


Anti passivity rule (art. 30 of the Official Rules of Mini Basketball) will be applied, the offense penalized with the ball given to the opponent. This will be penalized at the discretion of the referees.


Zone defenses are prohibited, the offense penalized, first with a warning, second with a technical foul to the coach, and third with the loss of the game by the offending team by 2-0. Penalization at the discretion of the referees. U16 Male and U16 Female are exempt from this rule.e esta norma.


In case of color matching jerseys, the second team appearing on the game schedule will always change their jerseys.


Teams must be present on court 15 minutes before game time. Any unjustified delay will forfeit the match 2-0.


The Organization of the Tournament, has a Unique Control and Disciplinary Committee, that will be the Disciplinary Body of the Tournament, whose decisions shall be a matter of immediacy and shall be irrevocable and unappeasable. Participating teams shall accept these decisions taken by the Committee, with no option to appeal. All teams must designate a single person, who will be representing them to the Organization. The teams must take responsibility that no other persons will seek to clarify or resolve issues with the Organization, as they would not be taken into account.


The Organization reserves the right to modify the game schedule, if they need to, always for good reasons or force majeure.


The scoreboard will be displayed on the court, not closing it under any circumstances.cia.


Upon completion of the games the results will be reviewed “in situ” and once signed cannot be appealed. No copies thereof will be given to the participating teams.


Classification order:

1. Wins achieved in the group stage
2. Wins achieved between tied teams, if it’s the case.
3. Basket average particularly among the teams involved
4. Basket overall average in the group stage
5. Team with the most points made in the group stage
6. Team that has conceded fewer points in the group stage.
7. Team with the most points made in one game.
8. Team has conceded fewer points in one game.
9. If after all these variables teams will continue tied, the captains of them will throw ten free throws to determine the final standings.

Thank You

All this is to the benefit of the development of the tournament , to avoid delays, interruptions, and possible subsequent decisions to the event.