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Another team from Girona for our collection

CB Llagostera U16-F.

The Costa Brava-Girona Basket is always full of international teams, but we also like to count on the presence of several teams from Girona. Since its opening in 2014, CBGB has welcomed several clubs from our province. However, this year we will add another team from Girona to our collection as CB Llagostera will make its debut in the tournament.

CB Llagostera was founded in the middle of the 20thcentury in Llagostera, a town in the Girona region with more than 8.000 inhabitants. Two years ago, the club went through some hard times, but they have managed to move forward, and they currently have eleven teams that compete at different levels. One of them is the U16 women team, which will represent their club in the CBGB’19.