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CB Prat will be at the CBGB for the second year in a row

U12-F CB Prat.

Club Bàsquet Prat made their debut in the Costa Brava-Girona Basket last year and they showed a great basketball level in the U-16 female category. The club from Baix Llobregat will return to Girona at Easter, but this time they will be represented by the U-12 female team.

The history of CB Prat goes more than half century back. In 1951 the organization was constituted as Club Baloncesto Prat and since then, they have not stopped growing. They currently have several male teams as well as female teams that compete at every level. It is remarkable the performance of CB Prat’s Senior team, which in the last fifteen years has climbed from Liga EBA to LEB Oro. What’s more, last year they almost promote to ACB, but they lost in the playoff semifinals to Melilla Basket.

It should be noted that CB Prat has been linked to Joventut de Badalona since 2004 and some great players such as Alberto Abalde, Ferran Bassas, Nacho Llovet, Pau Ribas, Albert Ventura, Guillem Vives or Marko Todorovic have been part of their roster.