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Second Basque team confirmed: from Durango, the U-16 Tabirako girls arrive to CBGB

Tabirako ST.

Last week, we announced the presence of San Viator in the Costa Brava-Girona Basket 2019. Today, we confirm the participation of another Basque team: Tabirako ST. The club from Durango, a town of the province of Vizcaya, will compete in the U-16 female category of the CBGB, as they had already done in 2015 and 2016.

Club de Baloncesto Tabirako was founded in 1960. It was a quite humble team with a really low budget. Related to that, it is said that Tabirako’s first president, Basilio Arana, wrote a letter to Santiago Bernabéu, the president of Real Madrid, asking for basketballs. As both presidents knew each other since the Civil War, Bernabéu agreed to the petition and gave the basketballs to Tabirako.

Throughout the second half of the 20thcentury, the club grew exponentially, especially since 1972, with Cafés Baqué’s sponsorship, which has prolonged until today. The club that once had to ask Real Madrid for basketballs now has almost 500 players distributed in 40 teams that compete at every level.