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A Basque team makes his debut: San Viator from Vitoria

San Viator de Vitoria.

A lot of Basque teams have taken part in the Costa Brava-Girona Basket, but this year, there is one that will do it for the first time: San Viator from Vitoria-Gasteiz. The club from the Basque capital is part of San Viator School and is an excellent basketball academy. One of the prominent former students and players of “Sanvi” is the current Real Madrid head-coach, Pablo Laso.

The club from Vitoria is not the only San Viator in Spain. There is also a club from Madrid named San Viator. They have also a great basketball academy where brilliant Spanish players such as Juan Antonio Corbalán or Carlos Jiménez have started their careers.

Back to our guest, two San Viator female teams are coming from Vitoria to Girona to compete in the U12 and U14 categories. Ongi etorri!