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Talent from the Middle East: PSSA from Dubai makes his debut

Prestige Star Sport Academy

In the past few weeks, we have announced the participation of several Catalan, Spanish and European teams in the Costa Brava-Girona Basket. However, today we travel further, specifically to the United Arab Emirates, from where PSSA Dubai will come.

The Prestige Star Sport Academy is a Dubai-based basketball club founded in April 2017. The PSSA stands for an inclusive and unifying basketball and promotes the growth of this sport around the UAE. With modern facilities and qualified staff, the academy trains elite young players. Besides, they also organize tournaments and workout camps for boys and girls from all ages.

This Easter, the U12 and U14 male teams will travel the 5.000 kilometres that separate Girona from Dubai so as to compete in the CBGB’19!