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FINAL Summary CBGB18

U16 winners! Photo: Sergi Tarrenchs


A new edition of the Costa Brava Girona Basquet that puts the final point. And, as usual, the day of the finals became a real celebration both in the field, and in the stands. So much so, that Girona could see how the games of all the categories to define the final positions of the teams were gathering more and more people, as the time of the finals came.
The road built by the CB Granollers was no coincidence. In the group stage he managed to beat the powerful Lithuanian academy Sabonis Centras of 20 points and the other two parties also dominated them clearly. The Vallesans repeated the same script they had practiced until then in the semifinal to win the Alba de Berlin, which would play for the third and fourth place. Pretty similar was the Ratiopharm Ulm, with a very effective interior game that served as a determining factor against Valladolid in the group stage and against the Apollo Amsterdam in the semifinals. In this sense, the Catalan side and the German started the final at the Palau Sacosta with a touch to the mark that stayed until the fourth quarter and ending the definitive result of 74 to 66 favorable to the German side. The third place was awarded to the Apollo Amsterdam, in a party controlled from the beginning before Alba de Berlin. The other notable game of the category with two outstanding teams was played by Sabonis, who had 9 games in 6 days, against CBC Valladolid. The match was won by Pucela, thus becoming the 5th ranked.
Indeed, the Castile and Leon team was the winner of the male child category. The final was played against Inter of Bratislava, a team that has debuted in this tournament edition. The Slovaks started dominating the game, but as the latter progressed, the scoreboard went to favor Valladolid, for the good game on the part of the Spanish team. The result, 66 to 61. He did not reach the final of the same category, but he was in third position for Roses, one of the teams that revealed this edition of the tournament. The empordanese team did consecrate as the third best team in the category after winning the Dutch New Heroes Den Bosch with a short result of 39 to 26.
The Montfalgars Pavilion hosted the final phase of the Women’s Cadet category yesterday. From the first hour in the morning, several games were disputed between the teams not classified by the final, among which stood out the final consolation between Gran Canaria and Banyoles. The Canaries did not give options to the bathrobes and from the beginning of the game they dominated the scoreboard, which finished 68-43, and gave the bronze medal to the Gran Canaria.
The great dish of the day was the final between the Apollo Amsterdam and Sa Real Ibiza. The Dutch departed as favorites, after being first in the group stage without losing any game. On the other hand, Sa Real came to the final having won the average in Gran Canaria and CB Prat, in a triple tie at the group stage.
The game started equalizing, but in the second period the Ibizan pressed the accelerator and went to the break with an advantage of eleven points (31-20). In the break, the Dutch tried to reduce the differences but the lack of success from the free throw line condemned them. The reaction of the Apollo players came too late and, despite the partial 12-0 they did in the last five minutes of the game, the comeback was not possible and the players of Sa Real ended up rising trophy of champions
Regarding the women’s competition, held in the Salt pavilion, yesterday we experienced a balloon derby between Sant Lluís de Menorca and Sa Real Ibiza in the final. The Menorquinas have played a great part in this edition of GironaBasket, being first unbeaten of the group stage and surpassing San Ignacio de Pamplona in the semifinals. On the other hand, Sa Real also came unbeaten and had won the girls of Gran Canaria in half. Therefore, a very even game was predicted, but from the first period, Sant Lluís was ahead of the scoreboard and the Menorquins were proclaimed champions of the mini-women’s category relatively easily (58-29). In the end of consolation, the Gran Canaria beat San Ignacio easily and it was made with the bronze medal.

Two Catalans win in the U12 category

The two finalists of the mini-female category were Cellera Amer “Cherokee” and Sant Lluís Menorca, who have not been convicted of the final duel. Amer “Cherokee” had defeated the other team of his club, Amer “A” in semifinals. The other semifinal was a Balearic derby between Sant Lluís de Menorca and Sant Josep Obrer de Palma.
Numerous spectators came up yesterday morning at the Pavilion of Salt to witness one of the most even matches in the competition, it was very fierce, and the Amer ended up imposing 56 to 54.
As for the mini-men, L’Hospitalet managed to reach the semifinals with their two teams. The ‘B’ fell to Salle Maó by 70 to 41, and A ‘went through Bayern Munich to over 100 points and a difference to the scoreboard of more than 40 points. The final was also strong in favor of Hospitalet with a final result of 108 to 84. La Salle Maó, second and Bayern Munich, third.

MVPs | The most valued players

They reached the final and helped their teams raise the title of champions. In the male cadet category, Konrad Stark was one of the most outstanding players in the final that starred in the Ratiopharm Ulm against Granollers. Peter Mateu, from Valladolid, was the highlight of the men’s final and the best player of the mini tournament was Gerard Cortés, from Hospitalet A. As for the girls, in the category cadet they chose Claudia Sora, one of the creators for Sa Real Ibiza to raise the title. The feminine infantile MVP was Nerea Montero, of the Sant Lluís de Menorca and that of the mini was Júlia Expósito, from the Amer Cherokee.

3P CONTEST| The winners of the triple contest

They and they are the snipers of the tournament. They have been demonstrating during the qualifying round and confirmed it in the triple pitch that has been disputed when finishing the finals in all the venues. The women’s mini won a player from the team that also won the tournament, Paula Blanquer; to the female childish Dunia Quintana, from Gran Canaria; Anna Vila, from Banyoles, to the female cadet. And the guys have been Hugo Alorda from Hospitalet B, to the mini; Sebastian Rancik from Inter Bratislava, to the children; and Clint Hamman, from Alba de Berlin, to the cadet.

PAVILIONS | Full of people

The pavilions that have made headquarters in this edition of the tournament have seen how they filled their stands for the dispute of the Girona Basket matches. The two slopes of Salt, housed in the mini-women, have had a great influx from the group stage to the final. The same has happened with the Montfalgars pavilion and the women’s U16 matches. As for Quart, with the male child’s parties, and in Vilablareix, with the mini-maculí parties, there have also been both parents and users interested in basketball. And in the category Cadet, both the track of Fontajau and Sant Gregori, have seen parties with a high number of spectators, while Fontajau, the other, has seen how much of its side was filled. Sunday matches made Palau Sacosta finish full.