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2nd Day Summary CBGB

The first day left us a very high level of basketball and some surprises that have just been confirmed today. For example, Granollers, who won the Lithuanian Academy Sabonis, achieved the top position of his group. This fact allowed him to play the semifinal against Alba de Berlin, also first of his group, a game that ended with a Catalan victory, with a result of 78 to 40. The other semi-final, between the Apollo Amsterdam and the German Ulm, was played before, which could have been the end of the season and that it has fallen by the Bavarian side for a final result of 78 to 67. To the children Men tomorrow will face the final in Valladolid and the Inter of Bratislava, who have won the semifinals by 20 points or more, respectively, against the Dutch New Heroes and Roses, one of the revelations of the category. On the other hand, in the morning we met the four finalists of the mini-male category: Bayern Munich, Salle Maó, Hospitalet “A” and Hospitalet “B”. The Pavilion of Vilablareix, full of spectators, witnessed the victory of Hospitalet A in front of Bayern with a forceful 114 to 68. The other semi-final was a gray game in which the game of the Balearic Islands before the B de l’Hospitalet. The final will be played by Hospitalet and La Salle Maó.

With regard to female categories, access to the final in the female cadet category has been very much a member. Group A, Apollo Amsterdam and Banyoles have played the first place in a very tight match that has been decided in the second half. The result, 47 to 32. With regard to Group B, the classification was decided by the average in a triple tie between Sa Real Eivissa, Gran Canaria Pintadera and CB Prat, favorable to the Balearics. Dutch and Ibiza will play the final tomorrow. In the category of female children we will have a balloon derby in the final between Sant Lluís de Menorca and Sa Real Eivissa. The match for third and fourth place will be played by San Ignacio and Gran Canaria. In the women’s mini, Sant Lluís has become the first finalist to comfortably win the Sant Josep Obrer and will be in Amer Cherokee, who won the derby against the other Amer in the category.

All the finals will be played tomorrow at 12 noon. After that, they will be waiting for the triple contest.