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La Salle de Maó comes with more strength than ever


It is not a coincidence that Sergi Llull, among other players, has left the quarry of CB Salle de Maó. The Balearic team, which debuted at the Costa Brava Girona Basket last year, had stood out for its competitive role from the first minute, earning the respect of all teams. After losing in a very tight semifinal, he had to settle for the more than meritorious third place of the U12 male.

This year he returns with two teams, the U16 female, who is making a very good season, and repeats the men’s U12, which won the Balearic Islands super-cup title in the last month of October, becoming the champion of the Balearic Islands. This fact has allowed them to have members of his team representing the Balearic Island team. Watch out because the two teams that lead La Salle come stronger than ever. Oh, and do you think that Llull will come to see them?