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More German wood: Ratiopharm Ulm

U16 Ulm’s game last year.


The Ratiopharm Ulm is one of the most experienced German teams on the Costa Brava Girona Basket. In fact, it will be the second time that will repeat with two teams. Ulm will have representation in the male U16 and U12 categories, as it did last year, and that it was not bad at all. In this sense, the Germans reached the third position in the U16, like in 2016, and the U12 left the second best team of the tournament. 2015 was the year of its debut in the tournament.

On the other hand, Ulm’s first team has recently achieved the third position in the German Cup, while in domestic competition they are in the seventh position.

With their participation in the tournament, there will be three German teams in this edition, along with Alba Berlin and Bayern Munich.