Diputació de Girona i Patronat de Turisme


To all the fellows that have taken part to the Costa Brava Girona Basket’17. Twenty-four hours after closing this year edition, we wanted to thank all of you for staying with us.

We expect, as is always our wish, that you have enjoyed of the basketball and Girona’s city.

And we would want you to get our sincerer gratitude for the behaviour of your respective teams. You have helped us at all times to fulfil with the schedules of hotel, buses and matches and you have showed in the basketball field that the will to win is possible with fairplay.

From hotel’s managers, managers of the pavilions, buses attendants and the tournament direction, MANY THANK YOU, to makes us it easy.

A nice season ending to all of you is the wish of all our team: Sílvia, Robert, Sònia, Sílvia, Marta, Guillem, Raül, Alba, Marc, Oriol, Pole, Àlex, Aleix, Nile, Eloy, Yeray, Eva, Kite, Òscar, Pau, Pitu, Rodri, Pau, Damià, Roger and Josep.

Together, we are one!