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Summary of the 1st day of CBGB17

Today Girona’s been a very basketball day. In fact 78 macthes have been played in the 10 headquarters of the tournament. Beginning for the matches of the U16M category, where rotted to see a German duel in the following round between the Ulm (Gr. A) and Alba of Berlin (Gr. C), both have won their two matches. By surprise, Samà Vilanova (Gr. D) seems to be facing Sokol Srsni Pisek in next round, also leader of group B with two victories. In U14 M, the group D will decide tomorrow its head in the match between Valladolid 03 and Boscos. In the same category, CBA Amsterdam (GR. A), Iberostar Tenerife (Gr. B) and Sokol Srsni Pisek (Gr. C) lead their groups in solitary. The group A, by the way, has received Marta Madrenas‘ visit, mayor of Girona, since his son plays in the CESET. In all the matches there has been a high level of competitiveness, but also, of fellowship. As an example you only have to check this photo:

Sassari - Valladolid
Sassari – Valladolid

These champions are of the Valladolid‘s and Sassari‘s U12M players. The first almost win to the powerful Arvydas Sabonis, leaders of the group C. Whereas the seconds, the Sassari, is the Italian group to beat. It will play the first place of the group A with La Salle Maó, a worthy candidate to the first place too. Ulm and Pare Manyanet will do the same in the Group B, whereas in the group D rotted to have a triple or quadruple tie. Regarding the feminine basketball, seems that in the category U12 FCB Banyoles and especially the Grifeu Llançà leave leaders of their groups. In the U14 F, Boscos (Gr. B), Sa Real Ibiza 03 (Gr. A) and NBF Castelló (Gr. A), they are the teams that still do not know the defeat. This last, the NBF Castelló, also has representation in the category U16 F in group A and it succeeds the same, it will have to contest the first place with San Ignacio of Pamplona. In group B, seems that Alierta Augusto Zaragoza and Sant CCE Lluís of Menorca will mark the fight for the first square. Tomorrow morning they will resolve the masculine categories and in the afternoon will begin the final phases. The feminine categories will know it in the afternoon.