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The CBGB celebrates its 10th birthday with a new image and innovation to follow the games

About a thousand players will take part in the 2024 edition of the Costa Brava Girona Basket, which this year celebrates ten years of life repeating venues that have been usual during these ten editions. This year’s line-up is composed by teams from South America, Europe, Spain and Catalonia, who will play in Girona and its surroundings from this Monday to Saturday.

As it is usual, the Costa Brava Girona Basket –CBGB, according to its initials– will divide itself in women’s and men’s categories. The succesful format of las year’s edition, extending the competition during the whole week, will be repeated as it was well-received. From Monday to Wednesday women’s categories will be played and from Thursday to Saturday it will be men’s turn.

So, from Monday on, the Palau Sacosta court will hold the U16F women’s category, while the U14F will take place in Montfalgars. From Thursday on, Palau Sacosta, Sant Gregori, Fontajau, Quart, Salt, Vilablareix and Montfalgars will be the venues for men’s categories

A partir d’avui, el pavelló de Palau Sacosta acollirà la competició de la categoria cadet femenina; mentre que a Montfalgars hi jugaran les infantils. A partir de dijous, Palau Sacosta, Sant Gregori, Fontajau, Quart, Salt, Vilablareix i Montfalgars seran els pavellons on es repartiran les categories masculines. 

From Chile to Lituania

The collection of clubs participating in the competiton is of great category and everyone willing to enjoy the games will be able to get close to the courts and see any of the more than hundred matches to be played.

Any club will travel more than Barpa Sports from Chile to come to Girona. They bring three teams distributed in the two categories for women.

Another of the bright names is the U16M team of Zalgiris Kaunas academy, a classic Euroleague club who is already a classic of the tournament too. Next to it there will also be Apollo Amsterdam, Elite Basket Nürnberg (with the best players of this German region), Cybex Talents from Bayreuth or Bamberg’s Freak City Academy. Rasta Vechta is also on this list of clubs from Germany visiting Girona during the week.

Bàsquet Girona Uni Laia Palau, Fontajau, Sant Narcís, Vilablareix or Campdevànol will be the local representatives, and there will also be many top clubs from Catalonia and Spain.

A modern tournament

For people not able to witness the games live, the CBGB can be followed with the new application that the tournament introduces coinciding with the 10th edition: Swish. The new tool will offer complete statistics and rankings of the players. It can be checked via this link.

This modernization also includes an image renovation. A new logo, simple and contemporary, has been designed to emphasize the name and origins of the competition: the Costa Brava and Girona.

The women’s competiton beginning this Monday in Palau Sacosta and Montfalgars will have an initial phase in league format until Tuesday’s evening. Then the semifinals will be played and, on Wednesday morning, the final and the rest of matches to determine eachs club’s position will take place.