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Nürnberg and Gran Canaria winners as the second round of the CBGB gathers 38 teams

After three days full of emotions and great games, the Women’s tournament ends smiling to Post SV Nürnberg and Gran Canaria, who have had to overcome some tough rivals. The Germans, in the U16 category, have had to work a lot in a final clash against Minguella, who closed distances to three points just 4 minutes before the end but ended up losing 35-49 in a great end of the match by their rivals and champions of the CBGB. On their category, the U14, Gran Canaria were the strongest team, winning against Almeda 68-44 in a duel between unbeaten forces. All of this to put an end to a fantastic trip in which some teams have discovered the city of Girona and, just the luckiest ones, have met an idol like Marc Gasol.

But this is only the beginning, because on Thursday it’s time for the Men’s tournament of the CBGB, which will gather up to 38 teams in the courts of Vilablareix (U12), Salt and Quart (U14) and Sarrià, Palau, Sant Gregori and Montfalgars (U16). This last category is the strongest of the tournament, with 24 teams competing in a knockout stage from the very first day. About 50% of them are international. The talent of the players is more than assured after their colleagues performances these last days, and everyone who decides to come to the courts will enjoy some great basketball.