Diputació de Girona i Patronat de Turisme

Day 2: Meetings with stars as everyone is ready for the finals

The second day of the CBGB’s week has had everything, from meetings with big starts of the basketball plante to frenetic games and, of course, the sightseeing visits around Girona by many of the teams. All of this in a penultimate day of the Women’s tournament where the matches for the finals have finally been confirmed. But we’ll get to that later. The surprise of the day has been for the players of Badalona’s Minguella and Post SV Nürnberg, who have been able to meet a basketball legend like Marc Gasol and his fellow Bàsquet Girona teammate Èric Vila after playing their Costa Brava Girona Basket games in Fontajau. On the court, the day has left tight and decisive games: On the morning, the group stage has been closed and, on the afternoon, the semifinals of the tournament have been played. The trophy of the U14 category will end up in hands of either Almeda or Gran Canaria A, and the U16 will go to Minguella or Nürnberg. The 3rd&4th place match of the U14 will be played between SESE A and Salle Maó, and between Zalgiris Kaunas and Grup Barna A in U16; the 5th&6th teams in U14 will be decided in the match Bàsquet Girona-Uni Laia Palau vs Gran Canaria B, and, in U16, in the Salle Maó vs Araski; whilst the 7th&8th place will be for Quart or SESE B, in U14, and for Grup Barna B or Combinat Girona, in U16.

In conclusion, the results of the day have been the following:


  • Quart 29-30 SESE B (Gr.A)
  • Gran Canaria A 79-19 Salle Maó (Gr.A)
  • Bàsquet Girona-Uni Laia Palau 24-39 SESE A (Gr.B)
  • Gran Canaria B 19-62 Almeda (Gr.B)
  • Bàsquet Girona-Uni Laia Palau 59-21 Quart (SF3)
  • Gran Canaria B 34-15 SESE B (SF4)
  • Gran Canaria A 76-45 SESE A (SF1)
  • Almeda 73-41 Salle Maó (SF2)


  • Zalgiris 38-35 Minguella (Gr.B)
  • Araski 48-26 Grup Barna B (Gr.B)
  • Post SV Nürnberg 58-49 Salle Maó (Gr.A)
  • Grup Barna A 66-26 Combinat Girona (Gr.A)
  • Salle Maó 64-24 Grup Barna B (SF3)
  • Araski 68-23 Combinat Girona (SF4)
  • Grup Barna A 53-65 Minguella (SF1)
  • Zalgiris Kaunas 21-68 Post SV Nürnberg (SF2)