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Girona Basket: Day 2

Tabirako U16-F.

The Costa Brava Girona Basket finals have been defined in the second day of the tournament. Ten teams will compete tomorrow for five trophies of the U16, U14 and U12 boys and U16 and U14 girls’ groups. Tomorrow we will also find out the winner of the U12-F league.

Zalgiris Kaunas and CBC Valladolid, two great basketball powers will face each other tomorrow in the U16-M final (12h Palau Sacosta), after defeating Celeritas-Donar and Ratiopharm Ulm respectively.

CEB Girona has proudly obtained a win over Ulm and will be the first U14-M finalist. PSSA will join them as they have defeated AE Minguella in the semi-final. Despite the result, the Catalan team has made a great effort to compensate the physical difference with team plays.

7 Palmas has won over Sa Real and they have become are one of the U12-M finalists. The team from the Canary Islands has overcome a bad first quarter thanks to the accuracy from the 3-point line. The other finalist will be PSSA, that has defeated Bisbal Bàsquet.

Regarding the women teams, Sa Real and Tabirako will face each other in the U16 group. Both teams arrive undefeated to the game and have overtaken tough teams as San Ignacio and GEiEG-Uni.

The U14-F final will host a team from Girona thanks to the brilliant performance of GEiEG-Uni. They will play against Sparta Praga, from the birth country of Julia Reisingerova, sponsor of the tournament.

Finally, the U12-F league will be completed tomorrow. With only one game for each team left, there is a triple draw between Sant Josep Obrer, CB Prat and CB Olot.