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Fontajau completes the U-16 male group

CB Fontajau – U16M.

The U-16 boys’ tournament is always the toughest one and, this year, 16 teams from seven different countries will compete to achieve the title. The last ones to join the party are the boys from Fontajau, who complete the U16-M bracket.

Club Bàsquet Fontajau will be the only team from Girona in the group and, one of the two Catalan representatives, together with JAC Sants. Seven teams from the rest of Spain will take part in the tournament: CBC Valladolid, 7 Palmas, San Ignacio, Salle Maó, CB Boscos, Sa Real and Sant Lluís. Regarding the international teams, we will welcome Oostende from Belgium, Ulm from Germany, Zalgiris Kaunas from Lithuania, Oaklands Wolves from Great Britain, Inter Bratislava from Slovakia and the Dutch clubs New Heroes den Bosch and Celeritas-Donar.