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A champion returns

CBGB’18 Winners: Ratiopharm Ulm U16.

The U16-M reigning champion will return to the Costa Brava-Girona Basket. Ratiopharm Ulm will try to win again the title and in the U16 male category and, besides, they will also take part in the U14-M.

The club from Ulm, a town in south Germany, is an emerging power of the German basketball. A decade ago they started playing in the First Division (BBL) and currently they also play at an international level in the Eurocup.

Ratiopharm Ulm is synonymous with good young basketball players and they have proved it every time they have visited Girona. We will see if this year the German team will be able to repeat or improve last year’s achievement, something that, besides them, only Valladolid (2014), Tabirako (2015), Barcelona (2016) and ALBA Berlin (2017) have accomplished. Viel Glück!