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The first British team in the CBGB history

Oaklands Wolves U14-F.

The Oaklands Wolves Basketball Academy will visit this year the Costa Brava-Girona Basket for the first time. Not only will they make their debut, but they will also have the honour of being the first British team to take part in the tournament.

The academy belongs to the Oaklands College, the university of Saint Albans, Hertfordshire, about 20 miles north of London. Since its foundation, in 2009, the Oaklands Wolves have trained elite players and their work has been recognised with several awards such as the Diploma in Sporting Excellence, granted by Basketball England. Besides, the Oaklands Wolves have a female professional team that plays in the Women’s British Basketball League.

At Easter, three of their teams will travel for the first time to Girona: the U16-F, the U14-F and the U16-M.