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Celeritas Donar: Dutch speed

“Speed” (from the Latin “Celeritas”) states the name of Celeritas-Donar, a basketball club located in Groningen, a city in northern Netherlands with 200.000 inhabitants. And “fast” is exactly how we want the time left to see this team make his debut in the CBGB to go by.

Celeritas-Donar was founded more than half century ago with the purpose of competing in different leagues and train players that can become professionals. In fact, the club is related to Donar Groningen, a Dutch Basketball League team, in which the best young players of Celeritas end up playing. Therefore, this year we will have the chance of enjoying the Dutch talent in Girona, thanks to the visit of the Celeritas-Donar U16 male team.

Celeritas-Donar U16M.