Diputació de Girona i Patronat de Turisme

All the material arrives to prepare the tournament


Costa Brava Girona Basketball could not exist without the excellent collaboration of many of its sponsors. By providing material and encouraging healthy habits, brand names such as Fontvella, Granini, Cola Cao and Frit Ravich are renewed.

On the one hand, Font Vella’s water, with 0% impurities and exceptional quality, is responsible for hydrating our athletes during the tournament. You do not have to remember the importance of drinking when doing sports, and even more in a tournament with daily matches. When you have thirst, you are already dehydrated, remember it.

This year we will also have a Granini for each flavour, with the best refreshing juices for when players have a break. Granini invests in the best raw materials and in ideas and technology to obtain the maximum benefit from them.

As usual, snacks will also be courtesy of Cola Cao. The company, which is also the official sponsor of the Spanish Paralympic Team, adapts the best nutritional needs to its products. Not only is chocolate as the majority might think.

In addition, the Catalan company Frit Ravich this year also incorporates its snack products so that the players and players of the tournament can enjoy their time off.