Diputació de Girona i Patronat de Turisme

Font Vella will be the official water of the tournament

Photo: Font Vella

The more than a thousand players from the Costa Brava Girona Basket will have Font Vella mineral water throughout the tournament, a sponsorship linked for third consecutive years. This collaboration demands on a healthy lifestyle, as drinking water is an essential issue not only in sports but also in day-to-day. Indeed, the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) warns that we must maintain proper hydration to maintain good physical and mental health during the activity. Moreover, EFSA also recommends consuming at least two liters per day from the age of 10. For this reason Font Vella and the Costa Brava Basketball deal with this agreement which will allow all tournament boys and girls had as much water as they want. Font Vella is one of the many collaborators that enable the execution of this tournament, and we thank them all once again for its commitment and confidence.