Diputació de Girona i Patronat de Turisme

Women’s teams, what a pleasure having you with us!

After three days of constant basketball, the women’s edition of the Costa Brava Girona Basket is over, and from the organization we can only thank all the clubs, all the coaches and all the players for your attitude during the tournament. It was a real pleasure and we hope to see you next year. As a memory, we will have such beautiful moments as the sardana at the Ibis hotel that will unite Catalunya and Chile forever. Basket Chile, Premià de Dalt, Campdevànol, SESE, Time Travel, JET Terrassa, Granollers, Grup Barna, Fontajau, Draft Gramenet, Bàsquet Girona Uni Laia Palau and Post SV Nürnberg, you are the spirit of the CBGB!