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Germans and Chileans, in the semifinals of the CBGB 24

The catalans Time Travel, Granollers and JET Terrassa maximize their options to fight for the U14 and U16 titles in women’s categories

The Costa Brava Girona Basket experienced the first day of its tenth edition filling Palau Sacosta and Montfalgars with young talent from early morning until night. The international teams of Chile and Germany secured a place in the semifinals and key duels will be played on Tuesday morning to decide who will accompany them in the final phase of the women’s tournament.

On Tuesday afternoon the semifinals will take place and the only one guaranteed to be in them in the U16 category is the Chilean Barpa Sports. Time Travel, which brings together players from several Barcelona clubs, should accompany them as the leader of group A. Fontajau and the other team from Chile, in this branch; and Premià de Dalt and Campdevànol, in group B, will fight for the other place in the semifinals on Tuesday morning.

In the U14 category, Post SV Nuremberg also certified their place in the final phase with a total of victories, the same as their rival in group B, JET Terrassa, who also qualified. In group A, Granollers finished its work, but SESE and Bàsquet Girona Uni Laia Palau will experience a direct duel on Tuesday in Montfalgars: Only the winner will continue to compete for the title.

A viral tournament

On its tenth anniversary, the CBGB has opted for a modernization that is working: More than 38,500 views have been accumulated on Instagram and the new TikTok account has more than 3,000 in just one day. Likewise, tracking has improved with the new Swish application, which also had a great impact on the first day of tournament.

Scores of the day:


  • Basket Chile BarpaSports 1 36-30 Fontajau (Gr. A)
  • Basket Chile BarpaSports 2 48-37 Campdevànol (Gr. B)
  • Draft Gramenet 7-89 Time Travel (Gr. A)
  • Grup Barna 15-25 Premià de Dalt (Gr. B)
  • Basket Chile BarpaSports 1 40-68 Time Travel (Gr. A)
  • Basket Chile BarpaSports 2 43-36 Premià de Dalt (Gr. B)
  • Draft Gramenet 16-45 Fontajau (Gr. A)
  • Grup Barna 31-35 Campdevànol (Gr. B)


  • Basket Chile BarpaSports 22-35 Bàsquet Girona Uni Laia Palau (Gr. A)
  • Post SV Nürnberg 41-24 Campdevànol (Gr. B)
  • SESE 30-50 Granollers (Gr. A)
  • Draft Gramenet 29-88 JET Terrassa (Gr. B)
  • Basket Chile BarpaSports 38-44 SESE (Gr. A)
  • Post SV Nürnberg 53-42 Draft Gramenet (Gr. B)
  • Bàsquet Girona Uni Laia Palau 32-37 Granollers (Gr. A)
  • Campdevànol 20-69 JET Terrassa (Gr. B)