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The show of the CBGB’s week begins with great atmosphere

Basketball love was in the air and everywhere all day long in the Ibis hotel of Girona and in the pavilions of Salt, Sarrià and Fontajau, the courts of the first games of the great CBGB’s week. Players from all U16 and U14 teams have accommodated and some of them have even begun visiting the city of Girona during the spare time. This has contributed even more to create a great atmosphere which was also seen on the courts, as matches were played. Sisterhood between fellow players of all teams has been seen at the end of every game, and the talents of the CBGB have started to show that the future of basketball is well assured while they played the first two duels of the group stage. Everything, in conclusion, in a great day of basketball which will continue, tomorrow morning, with the closing of the leagues and, in the afternoon, with the semifinals.

The results of today’s games were the following:

U14 Gr.A

  • Gran Canaria A 86-10 Quart
  • SESE B 20-55 Salle Maó
  • Gran Canaria A 79-19 Sarrià
  • Quart 17-49 Salle Maó

U14 Gr.B

  • Gran Canaria B 32-33 Bàsquet Girona Uni Laia Palau
  • SESE A 28-40 Almeda
  • Gran Canaria B 21-41 SESE A
  • Bàsquet Girona Uni Laia Palau 23-42 Almeda

U16 Gr.A

  • Grup Barna A 50-46 Salle Maó
  • Post SV Nürnberg 100-11 Combinat Girona
  • Combinat Girona 36-74 Salle Maó
  • Post SV Nürnberg 35-39 Grup Barna A

U16 Gr.B

  • Minguella 43-29 Araski
  • Grup Barna B 28-34 Zalgiris Kaunas
  • Minguella 52-22 Grup Barna B
  • Zalgiris Kaunas 29-26 Araski