Diputació de Girona i Patronat de Turisme

Once again, 24 segons with the CBGB

Antonio Márquez from Claret La Palma
Nico Cuadrado from Valladolid B
Júlia Forcada from Grup Barna
Maribel Petrus from Granollers
Xavi Vàzquez from Sabadell BQ Vallès
The store 24 segons, specialized in basketball, wanted to support Costa Brava-Girona Basketball one more year. In this edition they have taken care, among other things, of the MVP awards in each category. In the U16 category, the award was a pair of <<Why not Weetbrook>> shoes, and the rest were some trophie figures. 
You can find the store in Girona, Mataró, Barcelona, Canary Islands and also in the website:
The winners are: 

U 16 M: Antonio Márquez (Claret la Palma)

U 16 F: Maribel Petrús (Sant Lluís Menorca)

U 14 M: Xavi Vàzquez (Sabadell/Vallès)

U 14 F: Júlia Forcada (Grup Barna)

U 12M: Nico Cuadrado (Valladolid B)