Diputació de Girona i Patronat de Turisme

The boys U 16, the most international category

The Boya u 16 will be the category with the most participants, with already 14 confirmed teams. The games will be played between the Girona-Fontajau gym and the town of Sant Gregori. We can also state that it’s going to the most international category out of the five existing categories.Würzburg from Germany, Heroes and Apollo from Netherlands and SAnta Hanna’s from Kenia will form the internationls representationofthe tournament, Besides this teams, we will also count whith the participatioon of Sant LLuís from Menorca, Gran Canaria, Iveco Real Valladolid Baloncesto1 and 2, Mollet, LA SAlle Manresa A and B, Juventud la LAguna of Tenerife, Granollers and Argentona