Diputació de Girona i Patronat de Turisme

Remember the venues!

Six days to start the Costa Brava Girona Basket 2015 with his second edition! Therefore, we want to clarify to what venue will play each category, so that anyone who wants to be informed. This year, we have expanded the number of venues and have 9, 5 last year. These are the divisions that has made the organization for each category, remembering that this year the finals will all play into different venues, while last year was all in a single venue.


U16 MALE: Girona Vilaroja / Girona Montfalgars (will be the venue of the final)

U14 MALE: Quart/ Fornells de la Selva (will be the venue of the final)

U12 MALE: Sant Julià de Ramis / Sant Gregori (will be the venue of the final)

U16 FEMALE: Salt I (Pabellón)

U14 FEMALE: Bescanó

U12 FEMALE: Salt II (Pista Annexa)

 Cartel-1-Redes Sociales

All information about the tournament venues you can find it in this part of the website: