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Sabonis will leave their mark on the tournament

The Costa Brava Girona International Basketball Cup 2015 will feature a lineup of luxury this year and could not miss the foreign teams that visit Girona and surroundings on 2, 3 and 4 April, to participate in the tournament. One of the most special teams will be the Lithuanian Arvydas Sabonis School, who will participate in the CBGBC with a team in the category of mini male.

Arvydas Sabonis is a former player (2,21m) Lithuanian basketball, born in Kaunas and probably one of the best Lithuanians who have never practiced this sport, if not the best. In fact, it was considered one of the best centers in the world from the 80s to the early twenty-first century, playing continuously in the best league in the world, the NBA.

El Logo de l'escola d'Arvydas Sabonis.
The Logo of Arvydas Sabonis School.

In 1994, the legendary Lithuanian center and likely future hall of famer Arvydas Sabonis established the basketball school in his name, with the main purposes of spreading the popularity of the sport of basketball and raising the level of play of it’s participants to the highest levels possible while preparing them for the various national teams of his home country of Lithuania. People who work there also invest time in improving their players from both the physical and mental aspects of life, while trying to help certain sectors of Lithuanian youth with social problems they may encounter.

Arvydas Sabonis School is very large with a variety of teams. There are more than 800 young players who are part protected by trainers with an appropriate heading. The center has 4 basketball courts, 9, locker rooms, gym, cafeteria and 30 meeting rooms where different coaches review and analyze the games.

This is the team roster of Arvydas Sabonis School:

  Name Surname Nr. Height Poss.
1. Justas Gliaudys 18 165 F
2. Oleg Kajenets 15 175 C
3. Rokas Kabašinskas 6 163 F
4. Tadas Sabonis 17 170 F
5. Liutauras Lelevičius 11 170 G
6. Simas Baltrušaitis 9 160 G
7. Edas Valenta 13 170 F
8. Jokūbas Pikšilingis 14 165 F
9. Kajus Kublickas 4 158 G
10. Augustas Toločka 16 163 G
11. Matas Gicevičius 5 168 G
12. Gvidas Gicevičius 12 168 G
13. Titas Sargiūnas 7 165 G
Head coach Rolandas Rakutis      
Els nens de l'escola de bàsquet d'Arvydas Sabonis que participaran al torneig.
The school children Arvydas Sabonis Basketball who will participate in the tournament.

Sabonis, two teams

In the mini category, this year we found a remarkable curiosity. Arvydas Sabonis played in Spain with Valladolid between 1989 and 1992, and the fact that the CB Valladolid puts names of illustrious players who had his jersey dress in their teams such as Nate Davis for Cadet or Sabonis for Mini.

Thus, there may be a chance that the school Arvydas Sabonis against mini “Arvydas Sabonis” CB Valladolid facing. For this to happen, both teams should be in the same position two groups (C and D), and thus a possible semifinal play or fight for the best possible place in the standings.